First Flight Tracking

First Flight Tracking
First Flight Tracking

First Flight is an Indian Courier company which launched in 1986 and has come a long way since then, gaining much recognition and awards in the process. It is a company which is aimed at not only customer satisfaction, but intercepting the needs of the future generations and making business plans to meet demands which may arise in the future. The enterprise has a truly revolutionary business model, and this article is aimed to help you track your courier shipped via First Flight.

Steps to Track

Tracking your courier shipped via First Flight is slightly difficult. They use either of two numbers to track their shipments, all of which you can find on your Waybill. The Waybill is the receipt you’re given when you opt to ship with them, which basically is proof of the fact that your package is under the care of their enterprise until it reaches the destination. It is done for a variety of legal reasons. In order to track your shipment, follow these steps:

Consignment Number

The Consignment is the number which should be generally given on your Waybill. This number is what it practically says it is about: your consignment.

  1. Search for your Consignment Number on your Waybill.
  2. Select Consignment Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Consignment Number into the text field.
  4. Click on Track.

You’ll now be able to track your consignment through all the hubs it reaches.

Reference Number

The Reference Number is the alternative to the consignment number. You’ll be given this number on rare occasions which include, but are not limited to, the company using the aid of another Courier company, or vice versa.

  1. Search for your Reference Number on your Waybill.
  2. Select Reference Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Reference Number into the text field.
  4. Click on Track.

You’ll now be able to track your consignment through all the hubs it reaches.

Customer Support and Helpline

Your package is liable to get lost or damaged while in transit. This is a risk which runs despite the best of care taken to deliver your package to the destination. In case such an event occurs, First Flight would be happy to help you. Even otherwise, if you wish to reach them, you may do so via the options below:

  • Send them a mail at
    G – 1001/02, 10th Floor,
    Lotus Corporate Park, Off Jay Coach Flyover,
    Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E),
    Mumbai – 400 063. INDIA.
  • Shoot them an email on
  • Call them on +91 22-62686666.


First Flight initially started off in 1986 with three offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. They aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and become a USD 150 million group by the year 2020. They also have a really innovative business model wherein they not only aim to serve the current needs of all of their customers, but they also look to anticipate the growing needs of the logistics industry and meet demands which may arise in the future. This revolutionary approach to business has granted them a lot of recognition and many awards over the ages including recognition from the Indian Chamber of Commerce, which is not a joke in and of itself, and the Maharashtra Gaurav Award, but also the CNBC Top 3 SMEs award which is an exceptional feat for any courier company to behold. But that’s not all there is to them.

The company is dedicated to providing a benefit to all that are a part of their team including the customers, the employees, the businessmen, the stakeholders, and the society in general. Talk about being ambitious. They always put the customer first, and that attitude has given them the trust and the ability to cover India with 1,200 offices and hubs in 9 prime international locations. They also prefer to remain completely up to date with technology and provide other growing businesses with the opportunities and the service they need with their end to tend logistics schemes. They already have an Annual Turnover of INR 1,500 million since 2015. Now, talk about delivering upon their ambitions.


First Flight covers the length and breadth of India with 1,200 offices and many more sub-offices and warehouses and hubs in between to fill the gaps. They can ship anywhere across India and that too, at lightning fast speeds. In addition to that, the company has got 9 offices in prime international locations such USA, UK, Australia, Russia, and more which enable it to keep up with the most demanding and important work which only a courier company as competent as this enterprise can serve. Their main hubs in India are located in Kolkata, New Delhi, and Mumbai, which are also the first hubs which they had ever owned back when they had launched in 1986. The company has a firm grasp not only across India but in all the important parts of the globe, which simply enables them to be better players in the game.


Unfortunately, we do not information about how much First Flight Charges for its courier services. In order to get an accurate price for your specific consignment, you may feel free to use their rate calculator as given on their site. Apart from that, we are working on getting a more generalised price chart from their management team. Kindly wait while we get an update from our time so that we can update the prices here.


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