DotZot Tracking

DotZot Tracking
DotZot Tracking

DotZot is DTDC’s initiative towards helping growing e-commerce businesses in India by giving them end to end logistics services. Being a child of DTDC, we already know that it is more than capable of delivering your products not only anywhere across India, but also internationally. With its impressive repertoire, it is a company which is simply destined for success. Below is a guide which is meant to help you track your shipment.

Steps to Track

Tracking your Dotzot package is very simple. All you need is your Air Waybill Number. This number is given to you on your receipt which is actually called an Air Waybill. A Waybill itself is a legal contract which states that the item being shipped is under the care of the subsidiary enterprise, or DTDC, while it is being shipped right up until it reaches the destination. The Air Waybill is simply the same legal contract which grants it permission to be transported via air instead of the surface. In order to track your package follow these steps:

  1. Search for your Air Waybill Number on your Air Waybill.
  2. Enter your Air Waybill Number into the text field.
  3. Click on track.

You will now be able to track all the movements of your package as it travels through all the locations where their organisation is available right up until the delivery of your package. It’ll also let you know about the status of Additional Services, if applicable to your certain package.

Customer Support and Helpline

One of the things which you must realise is that we are merely here to help you track your package which has been shipped via DotZot. It is not our responsibility to deliver your package or keep the contents inside of it safe. In case anything unfortunate occurs to your package, or you just wish to provide them with some feedback, you can do so via any of the means below:


DotZot is a brainchild of DTDC, an Indian Courier and logistics brand that not ships within India but also internationally, aimed at helping new and growing e-commerce businesses grow further by giving them the services they require like End-to-End Logistics, Cash on Delivery, and Reverse Logistics. They have 180 offices and over 8,400 employees and 10,000 channel partners to deliver their services to more than 1 million companies, businesses and individuals. This figure only seems to get more astounding as time passes by.

When the child organisation initially started, it already had 7,500 PIN Codes of India under its reach. Now, it gives its services to 100 Districts across India to make sure that no village is left uncovered. It was also the first Courier and Logistics company to extend its services to all the seven states of North East India. And all of this is separate from the strength of what DTDC can achieve. It currently boasts 10,000 PIN Codes across 2,300 locations in India. It should suffice to say that it has India under wraps. They offer premium services oriented for e-commerce businesses such as Express Delivery, Cash on Delivery, Return/Replace services, and Store Pickup/Return. Being a company focused on e-commerce, it has grown considerably since 2012 when it was conceived.


DotZot covers the entire length and breadth of India. And being the brainchild of logistics giant DTDC, no less is expected of them. They currently have 180 offices covering 10,000 PIN Codes spread around 2,300 locations in India just to make sure that every village can avail the benefits of their esteemed services. They were also the first courier company to cover the entirety of India including the vast and mostly inaccessible North Eastern states. No matter what the consignment, they will find a way to do it. Apart from that, the company also offers additional services to 10 major cities which include New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The enterprise has 142 branches and 19 hubs all across India along with 1,000 Store Pickup Points and 2 e-fulfilment centres. They serve all 100 districts of India which are actually considered fully serviceable, meaning that they can avail all services of the organisation whenever they wish to.

While it has completely captured India in a time of just under six years, it is yet to start operations on an International scale. However, looking at the impressive progress and its parent company, we can safely conclude that it’ll be more or successful whenever it does decide to start international operations as well.


Unfortunately, we do not have a clear estimate of what DotZot charges for their services. Our team is currently working on finding out a more generalised price index from their management team. Kindly wait patiently while we hear about it from our team. We’ll update the prices right here once we have been able to successfully acquire them.


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