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DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

Quickly track your DTDC package by entering your tracking number above.

How to track your DTDC package?

There are two ways in which you can track your DTDC package. One of them involves the usage of a Reference number while the other employs the use of a shipment number. Both the Reference number and Shipment number refer to a specific Air Waybill related to your package. Here’s how to track your package using either of them. Our tool currently supports tracking via shipment number. But we’ve listed the steps for both!

Shipment Number

The Shipment Number is the number given to your package along with its entire load or shipment whenever it is loaded. Each Shipment number is not unique and relates to your Air Waybill. It will help you out as long as it gets shipped to the hub nearest to your location.

  1. Search for the Shipment Number on your receipt.
  2. Select Shipment Number from the choices.
  3. Enter your Shipment Number in the Text Field.
  4. The status of your parcel can now be tracked.

Reference Number

The Reference Number is a unique number given to you for each and every package which you ship and is directly tied to your Air Waybill. This is generally what is present on your receipt. This is also a very accurate way of tracking your package given how it traces every individual package right from dispatch to delivery.

  1. Search for your Reference Number on your receipt.
  2. Select Reference Number from the choices.
  3. Enter your Reference Number in the text field.
  4. Your parcel can now be tracked.

DTDC Customer Support and Contact Details

Our job is merely to guide you through the steps of tracking your package. We are by no means responsible for your package. All responsibility lies with you and DTDC. Hence, in case you wish to approach them regarding any complaints or feedbacks, you can reach out to them on the following contacts:

About DTDC

DTDC started in 1990 in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, also the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. They wished to offer their customers not only a broad range of services but also the joy and happiness that comes along with those services and create a bond with their customers in the process. That was the story of this company.

After steadily growing for the last 25 years, the enterprise has spread throughout the globe with 10,000 locations facilitating their delivery as they have become a Multinational Logistics Corporation. They also act as partners for the international strategic giant DPD. Currently, they have over 50,000 employees under their banner, which facilitates logistics in an expansive network of over 240 countries. They also boast a warehousing space of 500,000 square feet which further enables them to deliver 12,000,000 parcels a month. Now that’s some substantial growth in a time of merely 25 years. You can check out more about them on their site.

Coverage Areas

DTDC has got its reach across the globe with various services and networks, both direct and indirect. They have a direct presence in over 21 countries including Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, China, and Australia. They operate through their associates in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and the South East Asian countries such as Nepal, Oman, Iran, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kenya,  Myanmar, Thailand, etc. All in all, it has a wide reach all across the globe with their reach all the way in the remotest locations on the globe, including the extreme edges of the map as well as the remote villages of Africa. It is one network which you can rely on.

DTDC Pricing and plans

DTDC offers a wide variety of prices for all its clients. However, two schemes remain more or less consistent throughout the globe, known as Plus and Blue. The prices for Plus and Blue are as follows:


Tariff Weight Slab National Metro Zonal Regional City
Customer Tariff First 500g 180 150 125 105 80
Add 500g 120 95 60 40 30
TS Rate First 500g 105.9 79.4 66.2 56.9 42.4
Add 500g 72.8 56.9 25.1 18.5 15.9


Tariff Weight Slab Zonal Metro National
Customer Tariff First 500g 115 140 165
Add 500g 50 85 110
TS Rate First 500g 52.9 68.8 76.8
Add 500g 26.5 59.6 72.8

While there are many tools in the market, our tool stands out because it uses advanced technology which reduces the downtime. Not only does our tool allow you to track, but it also has various other information such as Coverage area, pricing, customer support details and information about the company.


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