4PX Tracking

4PX Tracking
4PX Tracking

4PX is a Chinese e-Commerce logistics and solutions company. It operates internationally and not only offers logistics and supply chain solutions for e-commerce companies but also software and consultancy solutions. Over 20,000 e-commerce merchants in the world rely on their services. To track a shipment from them you can simply enter the tracking number provided by them and enter it above in our tracking tool and we’ll track it for you.

Steps to Monitor Your Shipment

Monitoring your 4PX courier is very simple. All it needs is a Tracking code which is given to you on your Waybill. A Waybill is a legal contract which holds them accountable for the package and the contents inside it while the Package is being shipped right up until it reaches the destination. This is done for a variety of legal reasons. Follow the steps below to track your shipment:

  1. Find your Tracking ID on your Waybill.
  2. Enter your Tracking ID in the text field.
  3. Click on Track.

It’s as simple as that. You can track your parcel around the world as it moves through the various hubs of the company.

In case the tracking doesn’t happen within seconds, it means that there’s some issue with the official 4PX tracking system which has led to the API defunction. However, the only solution in a case like this would be to wait for the systems to get back to working. According to our tracking estimates, the downtime is less than 30 minutes. So in a case like that you can bookmark this page and get back within 20-30 minutes.

If it still doesn’t work, we’ve shared the customer support and helpline details where you can contact and get the systems in working condition and even request for the tracking details. There’s a high chance that they won’t be able to track it, but if they can you’ll be able to get your shipment status.

4PX Customer Support and Helpline

4PX takes good care of your consignment as it travels around the globe. They try their hardest to ensure that your courier reaches your intended destination safe, sound, and on time. However, despite their best efforts, anything can happen to your courier. It may get stolen or lost in transit. It might get damaged. Or worse yet, it might get delivered to the wrong address. If anything as such happens, or you simply wish to praise them, feel free to contact them via the means below:

  • China
    • Send them a mail at
      No  201-221.Domestic Air Cargo Terminal,
      Airport Fourth Road,
      Baoan Shenzhen,
      Guangdong, China – 518128.
    • Call them on +86 755-23508000.
    • Fill out their Feedback Form.
  • Melbourne Warehouse
    • Address:
      84-88 Chifley Drive
      Preston VIC 3072 AU
    • Phone number: +61 (3) 9416 8777
  • Sydney Warehouse
    • Address:
      G2/391 Park Rd
      Regents Park NSW 2143
    • Phone numbers:
      +61(02)9644 1851
      +61 (02)9743 7098

We accept no responsibility for your courier or the contents inside it. It is the sole responsibility which belongs to you and the company.


4PX was founded in 2004 and was China’s first cross-border e-commerce logistics, supply chain, and e-commerce solutions provider. They employ 1,500 employees across 50 different locations around the world. Their services include logistics, express delivery, and supply chain services along with other software and consultancy services. Their services are well reputed worldwide and have earned them more than 20,000 merchants of e-commerce businesses that rely on their services, including the likes of eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, PayPal, Google, Terapeak, Magneto, and many more. It has also been the recipient of numerous awards such as the Forbes award for being the Chinese company with the most potential, the preferred partners of eBay and PayPal, the SME Summit’s most growing organisation.

The company also operates their own postal service in conjunction with China Post, Hong Kong Post, and Singapore Post. In addition to that, they have close ties with FedEx and TNT to secure areas which it cannot reach on its own for air consignments. They also provide services such as doorstep delivery, reverse logistics, and overseas warehousing for all those people who are interested in the same. The wish to become the global Fourth Party express, and are currently on their way to it.

The Achievements

4PX is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It fulfils all services within China. However, it remains highly active in South East Asia as well as East Asia,   in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. They are also really active on the continent of Australia. They have got partnerships with Hong Kong Post, China Post, and Singapore Post within Asia to better facilitate delivery of cargo and couriers.

Furthermore, they also have connections with FedEx and TNT to enable them to better reach the rest of the world. Their main hubs are located in Shenzhen, China, and in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. It is not only an international e-commerce logistics and solutions company, but it also a cross-border company at that, based on not one, but two different continents all together.


4PX has a variety of charges for their services. If you wish to find a find a service tailor-made to you, the enterprise is more than ready to make it. In case you wish to find out how much they’ll charge for such services or others which are not present below, the best way to find out is to contact them or get a quote from them. The charges for sending couriers and cargo overseas is as follows:



1 Kg


2 Kg


3 Kg


4 Kg

5 Kg


The table of prices goes so and so forth. The prices are given in USD just for reference. They’ll be charging in your local currency if they’re available in your region, or in Yen if they’re not. While there are many ways to track your shipments, our tracking tool is the simplest and quickest solution.


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