About Us

Courier Tracking is a website which helps people track their shipments from more than 500 global courier companies. You can use it even if the official ones are not working or are blocked by your ISP.

It’s not just the tracking that matters, but we present all the data in a really organized manner which makes it easy for the user to understand. The reason why modern users prefer our websites over the official websites is because they don’t display information in a proper way.

Unlike a lot of other tracking websites, we don’t redirect our user to the official website. We also don’t scrape the official websites. We actually have our own custom APIs for different courier companies which we use to provide details of the shipment. That’s why even when the official websites are down, our tool would still work.

Why did we start?

There’s a boom in the online shopping industry and the sellers at different locations use different courier companies to send the shipments. All these courier companies have different websites, remembering all of them is not something anyone would want to do. That’s why we started a single website which will allow tracking of shipment from all the courier companies.

Besides, all the courier companies have different way of showing the data related to the package. Our tool understands everything, keeps the user updated with the latest details and all the other details associated with the shipment. Which makes it easy for the user.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to become a leader in the tracking field and all the companies around the globe irrespective of their size. We’re already working and within 3 months, we’ve expanded from 20 companies to 560 companies.

The current tracking system relies on data from the official sources. We want to work with sellers and implement a technique which would provide live tracking facility to the users. Although this seems like an impossible thing, our team is working hard to be able to achieve such results in the coming years.