Bneed Tracking

Bneed Tracking
Bneed Tracking

Bneed is a Portuguese Home Delivery company that specialises in delivering food and gifts to homes from stores within an hour’s time. They provide the logistics requirements for businesses to reach customers at home directly from their stores without moving a muscle. The following guide is meant to help you track your parcel being carried by their representatives. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking your courier from Bneed is quite simple. You’ll require one thing to track your courier: your Order Number. Furthermore, if you’re logged into their app or their website, you can simply click on your latest order and watch its progress. You can also find this order number on your receipt. In case you don’t wish to login or are unable to, follow the steps below to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Order Number on your Receipt.
  2. Enter the Order Number into the text field.
  3. Click on Track.

You will now be able to track the progress of your package right from the store to your home.

Tracking using our Tool

Tracking using our tool is much simpler yet. All you need to do is enter the Order Number into the text field and click on Track. A new window will display all the locations to which your courier has travelled including the latest location where it was found. There is no need for you to log in.

Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering couriers can be a very difficult task with all the precision and punctuality involved. Everything has to be correctly done and on time. One miscalculation can cost the company quite a bit. Larger mistakes can have the company taking years to recover from. Despite the best care given to your package, it can end up getting damaged in Transit. Even worse, your courier might just get lost or stolen. Furthermore, your courier might even get delivered to the wrong address entirely. However, that’s not even the worst that can happen.

But if all goes well, you’ll receive your parcel on time and in perfect condition. At times, you can even get your courier before the estimated time. Now if you come to think of all the times you’ve received your package on time or before, you’ll realise how well the company performs. Hence, if you’d like to reach out to Bneed to lodge a complaint, show them some appreciation, provide them with some feedback, or simply generate new business opportunities, you can contact them via the following means:

  • You can call them on +351 229 381 008.
  • You can send them an email at

Kindly remember that we are not responsible for your parcel or anything inside of it. That responsibility lies with you and the company involved. We are merely here to help you track your parcel.


Bneed is a Portuguese Home Delivery Company that specialises in delivering gifts, beverages, and foods from stores to your home within 30 to 60 minutes depending on the distance involved. They pride themselves for being able to delivered quality assured products in time, time and again. The customer can make the purchases online directly in the company portal through a register where he will have access to all the personal information, history of purchases, and financial expenses among others. Or if necessary, you can do so over the phone through their Call Center service. Their corporation guarantees an excellent quality service with the products properly conditioned and transported in four-wheelers in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product at the moment of delivery to the client.

They offer various kinds of products to their clients. This includes convenience goods, pastries, ice creams, food, beverages, wines, and more. They operate under the motto “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.” Apart from this, they also provide catering services to their customers for parties and warehousing services for their partners for quicker dispatch and delivery of viable items.


Bneed is a Portugal based company that specialises in delivering food and convenience items within a time frame of 30 to 60 minutes wherever they are present. Currently, they operate within the bounds of two cities, Oeiras and Porto e Matosinhos. They can deliver anywhere within these cities within an hour. However, neighbouring cities and villages and towns on the outskirts are not covered under the reach. After all, they only deliver food within the hour and not longer.


When it comes to pricing, different items have different prices in their shop. You can visit their shop to check out the prices for yourself. In the meantime, our team is working on acquiring their surcharges for delivering items from their partners to their customers. We will update the prices right here once we are able to acquire them from Bneed.


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