Bluestar Tracking

Bluestar Global Logistics is an Australian global logistics company. They were first incorporated in 1987 aimed at providing economic and efficient solutions for clients with logistics requirements. This guide is going to help you track your shipment which has been shipped via their company.

Steps to Track

Tracking your courier from Bluestar can get a little difficult. You’ll require two things to track your courier: your Consignment Number and your Destination Postcode. While you’ll probably remember the destination Postcode yourself, you’ll find both of these details in the Waybill. Now, a Waybill is a legal document that holds their enterprise responsible for the shipment until it reaches the destination. This not only doubles up as a sales receipt, but it also protects both parties involved from a variety of legal issues.

A consignment is a term used to denote the order of having to carry a shipment from one place to another. It arises from the fact that you need to sign off on your Waybill to relinquish ownership and ensuing responsibilities on a temporary basis. Follow the steps below to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Consignment Number and Destination Postcode on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Consignment Number into the corresponding text field.
  3. Enter the Destination Postcode into the corresponding text field.
  4. Click on Track.

You will now be able to track the progress of your package right from dispatch to delivery.

Tracking using our Tool

Tracking using our tool is much simpler yet. All you need to do is enter the Consignment Number into the text field and click on Track. A new window will display all the locations to which your courier has travelled including the latest location where it was found.

Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering couriers can be a very difficult task with all the precision and punctuality involved. Everything has to be correctly done and on time. One miscalculation can cost the company quite a bit. Larger mistakes can have the company taking years to recover from. Despite the best care given to your courier, it can end up getting damaged in Transit. Even worse, your courier might just get lost or stolen. Furthermore, your courier might even get delivered to the wrong address entirely. However, that’s not even the worst that can happen.

But if all goes well, you’ll receive your courier on time and in perfect condition. At times, you can even get your courier before the estimated time. Now if you come to think of all the times you’ve received your courier on time or before, you’ll realise how well the company performs. Hence, if you’d like to reach out to Bluestar to lodge a complaint, show them some appreciation, provide them with some feedback, or simply generate new business opportunities, you can contact them via the following means:

  • You can send them a mail at
    170 Hume Highway,
    VIC 3062,
  • You can call them on +61 3 8568 4700.
  • You can send them an email at

We would like to remind you that we deny all responsibility for your courier and the contents within, seeing how we’re merely here to help you track your courier. All responsibilities for the same lie with you and the company involved.


Bluestar Global Logistics is an Australian Logistics provider that was first established in 1987 in Melbourne by six Eideh brothers. Today, they provide a one-stop shop offering customers a seamless service all under one roof: national door to door deliveries, international freight forwarding, 3PL warehousing and B2C Home Deliveries.

Their wide variety of services include National deliveries which comprise of door-to-door deliveries of parcels and pallets inclusive of Reverse Logistics in case the customers wish to return the products. They also arrange for scheduled deliveries to their customers should they require so. Beyond that, their global service enables sea and air freight, cross trade shipments, in-house customs brokers, intermodal freight services, customs clearances, tariff advice and online integration with 3PL warehousing and transport. They can ship your couriers via flight or via sea to anywhere in the world and can also help with customs clearance through their customs brokerage services.

They are also involved in Warehousing and Freight Forwarding in case any business is looking for a freight haulier to take care of their cargo for them. These are done on a contract basis. Apart from this, they also serve individual customers by providing them with the service of home deliveries. These are all the services which their enterprise offer. In a sense, it makes them an Integrated Global Logistics Firm.


Bluestar was first established in 1987 in Melbourne. However, since then, they’ve come quite far and have captured the entire country of Australia. Their major hubs reside in Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Albury. These hubs enable them to provide surface shipment services all over the country of Australia. They even help their customers with customs consultancy and brokerage within the country. However, their reach doesn’t end just there. They are able to reach more than 200 countries across the world through either sea of air. They have an Australian presence with an international reach.


Unfortunately, we have no idea how much Bluestar charges for the provision of their services. Our team is currently working on contacting their management to ascertain a generalised format of charges for your reference. Kindly wait patiently while we update the prices right here. In the meantime, if you are in dire need of their pricing scheme, or would like to check out the rates for any specific shipments, you can feel free to contact them.

Shipped via Different Courier?

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