Airspeed International Corporation Tracking

Airspeed Internation Corporation or Airspeed for short is an international express logistics brand based out of the country of Philipines. They take great pride in meeting all shipping standards around the world and being an example to other companies for the same. The following guide is meant to help you track your shipment which you have shipped via their enterprise. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking your Airspeed Courier is very simple. All you need is the Air Waybill Number, which is practically the number of your Waybill. A Waybill is a legal contract that places their corporation under the responsibility of the articles being shipped right up until the articles get delivered to the right address. Apart from doubling up as a receipt of sales, it also saves you the hassle of being responsible for something you’re not carrying, something which you would obviously not want any part of. Furthermore, it protects the company against a multitude of Legal adversities such as false theft charges. That’s why the Waybill has been around for quite some time now.

The Air Waybill is simply the Waybill modified for Air transportation purposes. Follow these steps to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Air Waybill Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Air Waybill Number into the text field.
  3. Click on track.

That’s it! You can now track the location of your shipment as it passes through the various hubs of the organisation around the globe.

Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering couriers and freight can be a very difficult task. Everything has to be precise, accurate, and punctual. The tiniest of mistakes can make can cost the company a lot. In the worst cases, your courier might get lost or stolen. It may even be delivered to the wrong address. And furthermore, it may get damaged during delivery. That’s not even among the worst that may happen despite the best of care and precautions being taken.

However, if things go according to plan, you’ll get your courier on time and completely unharmed, if not before time. And that’s something which occurs most of the times. Hence, if you’d like to commend Airspeed for their service, provide them with feedback, lodge a complaint, or simply discuss new business opportunities, you can reach out to them via the following means:

  • You can send them an email at
    GGB Bldg., Pascor Drive Sto. Niño,
    Parañaque City 1704,
    Metro Manila,
    The Philippines.
  • You can call them on (+632) 852-7328.
  • You can shoot them an email at

Remember that we take no responsibility for your shipment. We are merely here to guide you with tracking your shipment.


Airspeed International Corporation is a Philipines based Express Logistics brand specialising in international cargo delivery. They offer a wide variety of services such as Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Cargo Handling, Local Express Distribution and Warehousing. They have been in the Logistics service game for quite a long time.

They take immense pride in adhering to all shipping standards around the globe. They also provide a multi-modal service of shipment including Air, Road, and Sea to provide cost-effective solutions to all of their client’s needs. They are also one of the few services to take on logistics operations for pharmaceutical and dangerous goods for airfreight services. Apart from that, they also provide express door-to-door delivery assignments. In addition, Their sea freight services manage their customs clearance across multiple countries. They also offer warehousing and local distribution services for the companies seeking freight forwarding, cargo handling, or express deliveries. That’s all the services which their company offers, and the list is by no means, small.

The Achievements

Airspeed is headquartered out of Manilla, Philipines. They have got complete coverage over the country with their most major warehouses in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. However, their reach does not stop just there. They have a diverse network of partners and enterprises comprising of giants like Etihad Cargo, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Polar Air Cargo, OOCL, Cosco, and more that expand their network and reach to greater reaches. With their intricate web of partner enterprises, they can transport couriers all the way to the far reaches of Europe and the Middle East. Their partners also give them a prominent presence in South East Asia, specifically in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philipines. Their strongest parts of Europe are comprised of Germany, France, and the UK. Etihad Cargo greatly helps them get cargo over to the middle east.


Unfortunately, we have no idea how much Airspeed would charge for the provision of their services. Our team is currently working on ascertaining a generalised format of prices for their services from their management. Kindly wait patiently until we get to know of their charges ourselves. We will update the prices right here as soon as we do.

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