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ACS Courier

ACS Courier is a courier company based out of Greece incorporated all the way back in 1981. Today, it provides service across the entire world including all the five continents. The above tool of ours allows you to track your courier shipped via ACS. Not only does it help you track, but it also helps you find out details about the company, pricing and their customer support which can come in handy. You just have to enter your tracking code above and we’ll do the rest for you!

Steps to Track

Tracking is easy but not everyone who uses Internet is tech savvy that’s why we’ve added exact steps you’ll need to follow to be able to do the tracking. All you need is the Waybill or Air Waybill Number. A Waybill is a receipt which doubles up as a legal contract meant to place the responsibility of the package being shipped on the company. An Air Waybill is the same thing simply modified for air travel due to legal restrictions and categories. It is done not only for a variety of reasons but also for the human tendency of not being responsible for not being held responsible for anything that is being handled by another. Follow these steps to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Waybill or Air Waybill Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter your AWB or Waybill Number in the text field.
  3. Click on track.

That’s it. You can now track your courier as it travels anywhere. Be it within the same country, or across the oceans.

Customer Support and Helpline

Even though ACS Courier might take the best care for your package, anything might happen to it. Despite the reputation of the company, the courier and logistics business is risky to put simply. You courier may get lost, or stolen. It may get damaged during transit. In the worst case, it might even get delivered to the wrong address. If anything of such a nature is to occur, you may contact the courier company via the following means:

  • You can mail them at
    25 Asklipiou street,
    14568, Kryoneri,
  • You can call them on +30210 81 90 000.
  • You can send them an email at

Keep in mind that they strive to give you the best quality of service. If you find their service worthy of appreciation, make sure to let them know about it via the means above apart from having any complaints or issues. You can also use these contacts for business opportunities as well.


ACS Courier is a company based out of Greece and was initially founded in 1981. It soon expanded all across the country of Greece and soon started its international operations within 11 years in 1992. They then expanded their services further by opening offices in Albania and Cyprus in 2002 while also providing telephone services in collaboration with Q-Telecom. In 2003, they started services to start delivering blood samples. In 2005, they also opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company started its online services in 2006 when they also started offers like online money transfer. As recent as 2011, they also installed automatic parcel sorting technology in their Athens warehouse. In their latest development, They started their corporate oriented mailing scheme by starting bulk mail and courier facilities meant for Business documents in 2013.

Currently, they have 2,500 workers under their employment. They also have more than 350 service points across Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Cypress. Also, they handle more than 15 million shipments a year using more than 150 delivery vehicles. Apart from that, they also have automated sorting facilities and offer Cash on Delivery Services among other things and offer Import and Export services as well.


ACS Courier is headquartered in Greece. However, they also have prominent hubs in Albania, Cyprus, and Bulgaria. This enables them to connect all of Europe by road, enabling them to offer their express delivery services and linehaul services across the continent. Apart from that, they also have operational international services which are capable of taking your package anywhere across the world, be it Australia, USA, Singapore, South Africa, or Brazil. The company can reach diverse lengths and breadths of the world and deliver your courier anywhere on time.


The following charges are for the company’s Express Delivery charges within the country. You can contact them to find out more about their other services. The charges for Express Deliveries are as follows:

Basic Express Deliveries

These deliveries are designed to be delivered the very next day. This service, however, is restricted to articles 2 Kg or lesser in weight with additional charges for heavier articles and only those articles which can be made to fit inside of envelopes.


Service Charges Additional Charges per Kg
Door to Door Point to Door

Point to Point

Within the same City

6.80 5.70 5.20 2.52
Within the same Region 8.47 7.25 6.91


To land destinations

13.37 11.20 10.23 3.44
To islands 13.91 11.90 11.20


Hard to reach areas

14.40 14.40 N/A


ACS Combo Express

This service is meant for the express deliveries of package up to 10 Kg heavy. This service also enables you to deliver couriers and bottles in addition to envelopes and documents. However, this service may take up to three days to get delivered to your destination with the best case being within the next day.


Envelope Box Bottle
Weight (in Kg) 0.5 1 2 3 5 6 10 2 6


Within the same City

5.70 5.70 6.41 7.82 10.59 11.90 16.59 8.02 13.47 18.81
Within the same Region 7.25 7.25 8.02 9.59 12.61 14.12 18.12 8.78 15.79


To land destinations

11.20 11.20 11.85 14.12 18.60 20.17 25.11 12.66 21.79 27.38
To islands 11.90 11.90 12.56 15.03 20.17 20.17 25.11 13.37 21.79


Hard to reach areas

14.40 14.40 14.42 16.34 20.17 20.17 25.11 14.42 21.79


Prices for all services are given in Euros. Kindly contact them for the latest prices of their other services.


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