Shunyou Post Tracking

Shunyou Post Tracking
Shunyou Post Tracking

Quick Reference

Quickly track your package with Shunyou by entering your tracking number above.  Shunyou is a global courier service, specializing in Asia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and United Arab Emirates.

 Shunyou Tracking Help

Tracking your shipment from Shunyou is quite simple. All you need is the Tracking Number. You can find this number on your Waybill. A Waybill is a legal contract wherein their shipping enterprise takes responsibility for transporting your goods to the appropriate destination safely and on-time. The Waybill not only doubles as a receipt, but also protects both the parties involved from a variety of legal issues. This is why the tradition of the Waybill has been followed ever since its conception in the days of old. Follow the steps below to track your courier:

Steps to Track

  1. Search for your Tracking Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter your Tracking Number into the text field.
  3. Enter the Correct Captcha in the corresponding Text Field.
  4. Click on Track.

Shunyou Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering packages can be a lot more complex than the receiving party may realize. Anything can happen to your package. It can be damaged in transit despite the best care given to it. The parcel could be delayed in customs or bad weather. Furthermore, your package also may also get delivered to the wrong address entirely because of a tiny little mix-up. Always be sure to write the delivery address clearly and legibly on any packages you are hand-labeling. I also recommend taping over your address slip with transparent tape to waterproof it. This will prevent the delivery address from being blurred if another package with liquid contents were to break or otherwise leak onto your parcel.
However, if everything goes according to plan, your package will find its way to the appropriate address on time, if not earlier, and in perfect shape. Now if you consider that more often than not, this is what happens you will realize that Shunyou does a good job transporting your goods. If you would like to contact them to commend them for their service, lodge a complaint, provide them with some other feedback, or even open up new business opportunities for yourself, you can reach out to them via the following means:

Phone numbers (headquarters):

  • +86 0755-83766626,
  • +86 400-607-5388


Mailing address:

9R, 9 / F, Building A, Guanghao International Center, Minzhi Street, Longua District, Shenzen

Regional contact information here:

Shunyou Detailed Contact Page

About Shunyou Logistics

Shenzhen Shunyou Cross-border Logistics Co., Ltd. was found in June 2008 and is currently headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It has many branches and offices to serve the needs of their clients. Currently they have offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu and other places.
The company is committed to providing global logistics professional solutions for cross-border e-commerce. Its core products include Shunyoubao special line (B2C), Shunsubao special line, Whale APP (C2C), Shunyoutong packet, etc. The volume of parcels exceeds 500,000, and more than 100,000 cross-border e-commerce enterprises have been served. No matter how large your shipping needs, Shunyou has a solution to meet and exceed them.
In order to provide better logistics services and create a better customer experience, Shunyou Logistics has continuously integrated high-quality overseas resources. They have established self-operated / joint global customs clearance transfer centers in international airports in Taipei China, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand, Phuket Thailand, Bali Indonesia, Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Incheon International Airport in South Korea . These clearance centers, combined with innovative intelligent logistics systems, provide Shunyou’s customers with valuable time savings for cross-border logistics services.
Shunyou Logistics will continue to work in the field of cross-border logistics in the future, will work tirelessly to continuously improve its own system and become the most efficient and stable cross-border logistics service provider in China and the world, thereby helping the cross-border e-commerce companies that are their valued customers.

Service area

Global service, but enhanced efficiency in North and South China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and United Aram Emirates.

Shunyou Post’s pricing

Shipping packages is a complex process given the various levels of service offered by Shunyou. As such, your best option for getting an accurate price quote is to request a quote directly from them Shunyou Post and choose the “price inquiry” tab on the form on their home page.


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