India Post Tracking

India Post Tracking
India Post Tracking

India Post is more or less renowned for its slow, but sure delivery all across India. If there is an organisation in India with the largest reach across all corners of the country, it is them. It also features surprisingly affordable prices for its delivery services not only across India but also internationally including its premium service, the Speed post. Being a Government Initiative, it also has very lucrative offers which cover a lot of costs including accidental losses of packages and delays in delivery. Here is the guide to tracking your package which you’ve sent through their organisation.

Steps to Track

India Post is renowned for its slow but sure delivery. Now, if you’re concerned about the location of your consignment, you can check the location of consignment in a few simple steps.

  1. Check the consignment number from your receipt.
  2. Enter the consignment number in the text field.
  3. Click on track.

You can now track every move of the consignment which you shipped through their organisation.

Customer Support and Helpline

Sometimes, your parcel can take exceptionally long to get delivered especially if there are a lot of holidays in between, or if the package is headed towards a very remote section of India. If you wish to contact India Post, you can do so here:

  • Call the toll free number +91 1800 266 6868.
  • Register a complaint here.
  • Send them a mail at
    Postal Directorate
    Dak Bhavan
    New Delhi 110116.

Our team waives all responsibilities of your consignment and its contents. We are merely here to guide you with tracking your package.


India Post is an initiative of the Government of India which is under the Ministry of Communication. It was first established in 1870 under the British Raj with the first Post Office in Allahabad and continued well beyond the independence of India.  Since then, it has spread out to cover all parts of India and has diverse features and rules governing the trading of posts and parcels which play to the benefit of all involved including features such as compensation of demurrage, loss of consignment, delayed deliveries and more.

The organisation is involved in delivering mails, remitting money by money orders, accepting deposits under Small Savings Schemes, providing life insurance cover under Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and providing retail services like bill collection, the sale of forms, etc. It boasts an impressive 155,015 post offices all over India which are governed by 23 Postal Regions. It is truly an impressive system which is well regulated and well spread all over the country.


India Post is the most far-reaching postal service all across the country of India. And why should it not be? It’s a Government initiative after all. There is no corner or village of India which is not reachable by them. Even in the most remote villages of India, the organisation has a reputation for slow but sure delivery which at times call for the postman to fulfil his duty on a bicycle or even on foot. As mentioned before, the government enterprise boasts an impressive 155,015 post offices scattered across the face of India which is governed by 23 Regional Postal Offices. This truly makes them one of the farthest-reaching courier services in India.

Even outside of India, the organisation serves international consignments as well by a direct presence, or by collaborations with the recipient country whenever and wherever required. It has one impressive reach which is offered at rates as cheap as dirt itself.


India Post offers some very cheap prices for the impressive services which they offer. All they ask for in return is that you simply use postage stamps of a predetermined instead of paying the money up front. However, these services do come at the cost of speed. The prices as offered by them are as follows. Note that you have to purchase Postage Stamps of the appropriate value for the appropriate distance. Otherwise, your post will get rejected.


(in Grams)


(Within Municipal Bounds)

Up to 200 Km 200 Km – 1000 Km 1001 Km – 2000 Km Above 2000 Km
<50 18 41 41 41 41
5 – 200 30 41 47 71 83
201 – 500 35 59 71 94 106
501 – 1000 47 77 106 142 165
1001 – 1500 59 94 142 189 224
1501 – 2000 71 112 177 236 283
2001 – 2500 83 130 212 283 342
2501 – 3000 94 148 248 330 401
3001 – 3500 106 165 283 378 460
3501 – 4000 118 183 319 425 519
4001 – 4500 130 201 354 472 578
4501 – 5000 142 218 389 519 637


All prices are given in Indian Rupees.


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