Bulgarian Post Tracking

Bulgarian Post is the Bulgarian National Postal Service. They specialise in Postal Services inside of Bulgaria as well as other Philately Services. The following guide is meant to help you track your courier shipped via Bulgarian Post. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking a courier from Bulgarian Post is quite simple. All you need is the Tracking Number which is present on your Waybill. Now before we get ahead of ourselves here, a Waybill is a legal contract which holds their organisation responsible for the delivery of your courier to the intended address. Apart from doubling up as a receipt, it also provides both parties in the transaction a legal protection against malicious allegations. Hence, the tradition of the Waybill has been a longstanding one. Follow the steps below to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Tracking Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number into the Text Field.
  3. Click on Track.

And that’s all there is to it, really. You should now be able to track the progress of your courier anywhere within Belarus or the world, depending upon your order.

Tracking using our Tool

Tracking with our tracking tool is quite simple as well. All you need to do is enter the Tracking Number into the text field and Click on Track. A new window will then open, showing you the latest location of your courier and all its history. However, if there is any discrepancy, kindly contact them for further assistance.

Customer Support and Helpline

Shipping and Delivering couriers can be quite a difficult task. It requires a lot of precision and punctuality. The tiniest of mistakes can cost the company a lot. Major blunders can be a catastrophic failure to operations and may take years to recover from.

Despite the best care given to your package, anything might happen to it. It can get damaged in transit. Furthermore, your package may get lost or stolen. If worse may come to pass, your package might even get delivered to the wrong address entirely. But that’s just the beginning of where things can go bad.

However, if everything proceeds according to plan, your package will reach the destination completely safe and sound on or before the estimated time for delivery. And that’s something which usually occurs more often than not. Hence, if you wish to reach out to Bulgarian Post to commend them for their service, lodge a complaint, open new business opportunities or simply provide them with some feedback, you can contact them via the means below:

  • You can call them on  +3592/949 3280.
  • You can send them an email at info@bgpost.bg.

We would like to remind you that all responsibilities of your courier and the content within it rest with you and the organisation. We are merely here to help you with tracking your courier and own no responsibility for the same.



Bulgarian Post is the Bulgarian National postal Service which came into existence in 1879 when the Russian Administration handed over the post offices to Bulgaria with all equipment included. That was also the year when they had 41 Post Offices and started circulating new Bulgarian Postage Stamps. They also became a part of the Universal Postal Union in the same year. Fast forward to 1923, and the first post office school was started in Sofia. Then in 1932, nine years later, they started their first Tram Post service. But that was not before they had introduced the concept of Airmail in 1927. In 1975, they introduced Postcodes to the country of Bulgaria. Furthermore, they were also responsible for laying down telecommunication lines, which changed in 1993 when the two departments for postal services and telecommunications was separated. You can read more about their exact history at their site.


Bulgarian Post is primarily responsible for three kinds of services: philately, finance, and post. They are responsible for the validation, authorisation, and sales of postage stamps of any mail or couriers originating from the country of Bulgaria. Furthermore, they also give financial services such as postage insurance and currency exchange services wherein they can change your currency into sixteen other currencies from around the world. This service is quite useful, especially for tourists and visitors.

Beyond that, they also host a broad variety of Postal services which includes mail and postcards, parcels and couriers, as well as other logistics and customs services which include transportation of goods for the corporates in the country.


Bulgarian Post is the national postal service, meaning that it is owned by the Bulgarian Government, and can deliver your courier or mail to any location within Bulgaria without an exception. It is headquartered in the capital city of Sofia. However, their reach is not simply limited to Bulgaria. They can even reach across borders with their couriers and mail to over 220 countries. This is due to their participation in the Universal Postal Union which enables them to send mail to and receive mail from any country on Earth.


Bulgarian Post Charges the following for the provision of their services. Kindly note that these charges are in addition to the prices of using the appropriate postage stamps.

Domestic Mail


Type of Item/FormatWeight in grammesNon-priorityPriority
Small LetterUp to 500.650.95
Large LetterUp to 1000.701.00
From 101 to 2500.851.25
From 251 to 5001.051.50
PostcardUp to 500.400.55
Bulky LetterUp to 500.650.95
From 51 to 1000.701.00
From 101 to 2500.851.25
From 251 to 5001.051.50
From 501 to 10001.301.80
From 1001 to 20001.502.00
From 2001 to 30001.602.50
From 3001 to 40002.003.00
From 4001 to 50002.203.50
SecogrammeUp to 7000Free of chargeFree of charge

International Mail

Type of item / formatWeightNon-priorityPriority
Neighbouring countriesEU CountriesNon-EU CountriesNeighbouring countriesEU CountriesNon-EU Countries
Small Letterup to 201.201.501.801.702.002.50
from 21 to 501.501.802.402.002.603.60
Large Letterup to 1002.002.403.002.603.604.50
from 101 to 1502.403.004.003.304.506.00
from 151 to 2503.304.
from 251 to 3504.005.007.506.007.5011.20
from 351 to 5005.507.0010.008.309.8015.00
Bulky Letterup to 201.501.802.401.902.302.90
from 21 to 501.802.
from 51 to 1002.302.803.602.803.804.80
From 101 to 1502.703.604.603.604.706.30
from 151 to 2503.804.406.305.206.009.20
from 251 to 3504.505.507.806.207.6011.00
from 351 to 5005.807.5010.308.509.8014.00
from 501 to 100010.0012.0017.0014.0017.0023.00
from 1001 to 200015.0020.0024.0022.5028.5035.00
from 2001 to 300020.0026.0032.0030.0037.5045.00
from 3001 to 400025.0032.0040.0037.5046.5055.50
from 4001 to 500030.0038.0047.0045.0055.5066.00

Domestic Parcels

Weight – kg

Zone IZone II
Up to 11.25 leva

2.25 leva

Over 1 to 3

1.60 leva2.60 leva
Over 3 to 51.90 leva

3.20 leva

Over 5 to 7

2.20 leva3.80 leva
Over 7 to 102.50 leva

4.40 leva

Over 10 to 15

3.15 leva5.00 leva
Over 15 to 204.40 leva

6.30 leva

International parcels

Weight (in kg)


Neighbouring CountriesEU CountriesAsian CountriesAfrican CountriesAmerican Countries


Up to 1 kg

Over 1 to 2 kg30.0034.0038.0042.0045.00


Over 2 to 3 kg

Over 3 to 4 kg35.0043.0050.0058.0067.00


Over 4 to 5 kg

Over 5 to 6 kg40.0051.0062.0074.0089.00


Over 6 to 7 kg


Over 7 to 8 kg

Over 8 to 9 kg47.0063.0080.0098.00122.00


Over 9 to 10 kg

Over 10 to 11 kg51.0071.0091.00114.00143.00


Over 11 to 12 kg

Over 12 to 13 kg55.0079.00103.00130.00163.00


Over 13 to 14 kg

Over 14 to 15 kg59.0087.00115.00146.00183.00


Over 15 to 16 kg

Over 16 to 17 kg63.0095.00127.00162.00203.00


Over 17 to 18 kg

Over 18 to 19 kg67.00103.00139.00178.00223.00


Over 19 to 20 kg

Over 20 to 21 kg71.00111.00151.00194.00243.00


Over 21 to 22 kg

Over 22 to 23 kg75.00119.00163.00210.00263.00


Over 23 to 24 kg

Over 24 to 25 kg79.00127.00175.00226.00283.00


Over 25 to 26 kg



Over 26 to 27 kg

Over 27 to 28 kg85.00139.00193.00250.00313.00


Over 28 to 29 kg

Over 29 to 30 kg89.00147.00205.00266.00333.00


Over 30 to 31 kg

Over 31 to 31.5 kg92.00153.00214.00278.00348.00



All of these prices are given in Bulgarian Leva. These prices are merely for your reference. You can check out more about their rates and prices here:

In case you need any clarifications, kindly contact them.

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