Brazil Correios Tracking

Brazil Correios is the Brazilian National Postal Service. They have been continuing their operations since their inception in 1663. The following guide is meant to help you track your courier shipped via their organisation. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking your Brazil Correios courier is very simple. All you need is the Tracking Number provided on your waybill. A Waybill is a legal document that holds their enterprise responsible for the delivery of the courier to the appropriate address. Apart from doubling up as a receipt, this also provides both parties involved against a variety of legal issues. Hence, the tradition of the Waybill is one which has been followed for a long time and for good reason. Follow the steps below to track your package:

  1. Search for your Tracking Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number into the Text Field.
  3. Click on Track.

It’s as simple as that. You will now be able to track the latest location of your package as travels throughout Brazil or even the world.

Tracking with our tool

Tracking using our Tool is quite simple. All you need to do is simply type the Tracking Number into the Text Field and click on Track. A new window will show you the latest location of your courier as well as all the places it has already been through.

Customer Support and Helpline

Despite the best efforts to make delivering couriers go as robotically as possible and make it follow plans, it still is a gamble more often than not. A lot of things can happen to your courier despite the best of efforts in a game where taking precautions can only minimise the chances of something occurring.

If you’re unlucky, your courier might get damaged in transit. If worse may come to pass, your courier might just get lost or stolen. Worse yet, your courier might get delivered to the wrong address entirely. And that’s not the worse that can happen. However, if everything goes according to plan, your courier will reach you safe and sound and on time, if not before it. And if you recall things, you just might remember that that’s what happens more often than not.

Hence, if you’d like to reach out to Brazil Correios to praise them, lodge a complaint, provide them with some feedback, or simply seek to expand your business, you contact them via the following means:

  • You can send them a mail at
    SBN – Quadra 01 Bloco A,
    Ed. Sede dos Correios,
  • You can call them on +55 3003-0100.
  • You can fill in their contact form and await their response.

A humble reminder that you are responsible for your courier and the contents within as is the company. However, we are merely here to help you track your courier, and hence deny all responsibilities for the same.


Brazil Correios is the Brazilian National Postal Service which has been constantly adapting and developing since its inception in 1663. The company has an important role in social integration and inclusion, an indispensable role for national development. Its billing composition gains 54.3% of revenue with exclusive services (letter, telegram and grouped correspondence) so that the market reserve of these three services is essential for the survival and warranty of mail services universalization. Hand in hand with the social branch, it offers solutions with cutting-edge technology to respond to companies and institutions communication needs in an increasingly competitive market. With the new law passed in 2011, making the company a public sector enterprise, it can act in foreign countries and in electronic, financial and integrated logistics services mail segments; constitute subsidiaries, acquire share control or participation in established companies and contract commercial partnerships that add value to its brand and to its network.


The company also provides a variety of services both domestically and internationally. Their domestic mailing services include telegraphs, postcards, Express Mailing Services, and mail delivery and distribution. Apart from that, they also entertain various different priorities for sending your courier with economic services and express services priced differently. They also provide services to deliver documents overseas and domestically.

Apart from these primary services, they also provide financial services, import-export services, and other such direct marketing services on both national and international scales.


Brazil Correios is present not only throughout Brazil but also throughout the world. They have a complete presence within the country of Brazil and can deliver your courier anywhere within the country. However, their reach does not simply end there. They can deliver your courier internationally across the globe to over 200 countries. They might have a Brazilian presence, but their reach is quite global.


We have no idea how much Brazil Correios charges for the provision of its services. However, our team is currently working on contacting them to figure out a generalised format of prices for your reference. Kindly wait patiently while we update the prices right here. In the event that you are in urgent need of their rates, or you’re looking for a certain specific shipment, you can contact them.

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