BoxC Tracking

BoxC Tracking
BoxC Tracking

BoxC is an American startup which integrates the shipping networks of various multinational shipping companies to enable seamless transitions of couriers from one location to another. Their open initiative was meant to dispose of the need of a third-party logistics, overhead charges, and communications for the delivery of parcels around the world. The following guide is meant to help you track your courier shipped via their alliance. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking your courier from BoxC is very simple. All you need is the Tracking Number present on the Waybill. Now, a Waybill is a legal document that holds their enterprise responsible for the shipment until it reaches the destination. This not only doubles up as a sales receipt, but it also protects both parties involved from a variety of legal issues. Follow the steps below to track your courier:

  1. Search for your Tracking Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number into the text field.
  3. Click on Track.

You will now be able to track the progress of your package right from dispatch to delivery as it travels across the globe.

Tracking using our Tool

Tracking using our tool is much simpler yet. All you need to do is enter the Tracking Number into the text field and click on Track. A new window will display all the locations to which your courier has travelled including the latest location where it was found.

Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering couriers can be a very difficult task with all the precision and punctuality involved. Everything has to be correctly done and on time. One miscalculation can cost the company quite a bit. Larger mistakes can have the company taking years to recover from. Despite the best care given to your courier, it can end up getting damaged in Transit. Even worse, your courier might just get lost or stolen. Furthermore, your courier might even get delivered to the wrong address entirely. However, that’s not even the worst that can happen.

But if all goes well, you’ll receive your courier on time and in perfect condition. At times, you can even get your courier before the estimated time. Now if you come to think of all the times you’ve received your courier on time or before, you’ll realise how well the company performs. Hence, if you’d like to reach out to BoxC to lodge a complaint, show them some appreciation, provide them with some feedback, or simply generate new business opportunities, you can contact them via the following means:

  • You can send them a mail at
    25 W 39TH ST,
    Floor 14,
    New York, NY 10018,
    The United States of America.
  • You can call them on +1 (646) 968-0080.
  • You can fill out their contact form and await their response.

We would like to remind you that all responsibility of your courier and the contents within lies with you and the companies involved. We are merely here to help you track your courier and hence, deny all responsibilities for the same.


BoxC Logistics, Inc. was a part of Batch 6 of 500 Startups in Mountain View, California. It allows shippers and logistics providers access to an open international shipping network that is more reliable than postal carriers and cheaper than express carriers. All pay as you go. Unlike a traditional infrastructure, international shipping is available without the burdens of capacity planning, carrier contracts, partner integration, and fragmented customs clearance and tax requirements. The open international shipping network is accessible to every shipper and logistics provider through BoxC’s platform. No matter if you’re building a large, complex shipping network, expanding your delivery service area, or needing better international shipping for your packages. The BoxC alliance is there to help you out.

They work on a Pay As You Go scheme wherein you only pay from what you need. There are no upfront capitals and no payments. The clients pay only for what they use and don’t have to bother with creating extra capacity that may not be used. It essentially eliminates the need for local assets and transportability with their innovative scalable architecture.

This alliance currently comprises of Newegg Global, Pingpong, United States Postal Service, Open Sky, Tradegecko, Sourcing Bro, World First, and Shopify. And this brings us to perhaps the most innovative of their practices, where they have integrated the tracking systems of all the different corporations into one singular tracking scheme. All you need is one Tracking Number to locate your courier anywhere in the world, no matter where it is or who is handling it. This startup shows great potential for a revolutionary change in global scale shipping and logistics.


BoxC Logistics is headquartered in New York, United States of America. However, being an initiative, their reach remains more or less equal to the reach of the companies which are a part of this alliance. Right now, the companies involved in their alliance give them the freedom and flexibility to scale their services and send a courier to anywhere in the world to over 220 different countries without any additional overhead charges or third party logistics needs or any time lost in negotiation. It can hence be concluded that the reach of their enterprise is global and as is its presence.


Unfortunately, we have no idea how much BoxC charges for the provision of their services. This is partly due to the fact that they manage to provide scalable and flexible services which are devoid of any overheads or excess charges. Most of the services which they offer are tailor-made for their clients and made such that their clients pay only for exactly whatever they use. Yet, our team is currently working on contacting their management to ascertain a generalised format of charges for your reference. Kindly wait patiently while we update the prices right here. In the meantime, if you are in dire need of their pricing scheme, or would like to check out the rates for any specific shipments, you can feel free to contact them.


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