Aramex Tracking

Aramex Tracking

Aramex is a Dubai based international courier and logistics giant which is constantly expanding all over the globe. It is not only in league with companies the likes of FedEx, USPS, and DHL but also competes with them often and rather well. It is one company which is an exemplar of leadership and management. The following guide is made to help you track your package shipped.

Tracking your Aramex shipment

Tracking the package which you’ve shipped with Aramex is very simple. All you need is your Tracking Number present on your Waybill. The Waybill itself is a statement of how the goods being shipped are under the care of their representatives until they reach their destination elsewhere on the globe. This is done for a variety of reasons. The following is how you can track your shipment:

  1. Search for your Tracking Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Tracking Number in the courier tracker above.
  3. Click on track.

You should now be able to track all the movements of your package through the vast network of their enterprise.

Aramex Customer Support and Helpline

There can be a lot of things which can occur to your package when it is in transit. It can get lost, damaged, or delayed. Alternatively, it can also be delivered free of damage, and before time as well. However, if you have any reason you’d like to give Aramex some feedback regarding their services or simply lodge a complain, you can do so via the means below:

  • Submit a complain here.
  • Call them at +91 124 33003300.
  • Send them a mail at
    Plot No. 591 Udyog Vihar,
    Phase V Gurgaon,
    Uttar Pradesh 122001,

About Aramex

Aramex is Dubai based Courier and Logistics giant which started out in 1982 with two offices, one in Amman, UAE and the other in New York, USA. Being at the very middle of the world, UAE has always been a very busy hub for transportation of materials and the requirements of End to End logistics. Exploiting the need for a logistics service, they stepped in to fill the gap and now, it is among the leading logistics services in the world. The enterprise has a vision to rapidly grow and cover the face of the globe, covering every inhabited area and completely revolutionising the face of Logistics and Courier delivery.

The enterprise currently has 18,000 employees around the world servicing 567 major cities in 69 countries. They also have alliances with over 40 leading international express and logistics providers which expands their alliance to 66,000 employees working in 12,000 offices across 240 countries. Those are the astounding figures which compose a giant like them.

It is also located in the Dubai Financial Market and is currently headquartered in Dubai. They deal in services like Courier Delivery, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Record Management, e-commerce, and Supply Chain Management. It was also the first Arab company to be listed in NASDAQ, which makes it a pioneer of Middle Eastern services and products in the West. However, they also had the ambition to delist themselves from NASDAQ.

The company also co-founded the Global Distribution Alliance and the World Freight Alliance, both of which facilitate international courier and logistics on an extremely large scale by aiding one another in delivery and logistics. Furthermore, they are also one of the few courier companies which have dedicated separate flights and warehouses to dangerous goods, which are handled by well-trained professionals. Currently, the company is one of the few international companies which has a pronounced presence in the African countries as well as across the world. What else would you expect? It is a giant after all.

The Aramex Reach

Aramex is a giant in the game of global courier and logistics. It is in league with the largest courier companies in the world such as FedEx and DHL. The company was also responsible for co-founding the Global Delivery Association (GDA) and the World Freight Alliance (WFA), both of which enable millions of companies to co-operate and seek mutual gain and benefit. Needless to say, the enterprise has a truly global presence. On its own, it covers 567 major cities across 69 different countries. However, with the help of its extended network, the reach of the company simply skyrockets to 12,000 offices spread across 240 entire countries. Even though it is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, it has major hubs all across the world including New York, USA, and the African countries through various acquisitions through the ages. To say that their enterprise has an immensely large reach would be an understatement. Their company is completely capable of reaching wherever you want it to around the globe.

Aramex Courier Pricing

Unfortunately, we do not have a fair idea of how much Aramex charges for their shipments. If you’d like to calculate the fare for a specific order, you can use their rate calculator available here. However, our team is working on getting a more general idea of how much their enterprise charges for its services. We’ll be sure to update the prices here once we get to know them ourselves.


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