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Amazon Transportation Services
Amazon Transportation Services

Amazon Transportation Services or ATS is a brand new Logistics service started by the e-commerce giant Amazon. They have been around for a long time and it would not be wrong to say that it is the biggest e-commerce business around the world. It also specializes in warehousing services, so it would not be wrong to assume that this project should hit success once it is launched. Currently, the services are still in a Beta phase available for those specially invited by them. It should go global soon after all the tests are completed. Here is a guide to tracking your package. Most of the Amazon Prime products are delivered by ATS, so if you love their service then you’ll love this courier service too!

How to Track?

Tracking your Amazon Transportation Services shipment is a very easy task. Although the service is currently Invite Only, it will soon turn public, and everyone can avail the offers made by the service. Even right now, whenever a shipment is made, the consignor is given a Waybill. This Waybill carries a reference number which is used to track the Consignment right up to the Consignee. All you need is your Reference Number and you’re set to track your Consignment. Follow these steps to track your shipment:

  1. Search for your Amazon Reference Number on your Waybill.
  2. Enter the Reference Number in the Text Field.
  3. Click on Track Shipment.

You can now track your consignment as it travels through all the company’s hubs.

ATS Customer Support

As a disclaimer, we must say that we own no responsibility for your package and any of the contents inside of it. It may occur that the package gets lost, or the items inside get damaged, but in the event something along those lines occurs, you contact Amazon directly via the only method. You need to go their official Website and contact the customer support via one of the means present there.

Amazon in the Making

Amazon is an American e-commerce giant which got its name from the famous Amazon River. Its logo has a smile in the form of an arrow pointing from A to Z which signifies that everything can be found on the site. The company also offers other services such as Servers, Gateway Bridges, Cloud Computing, Virtual Private Networks, DNS Hosting, and much more. It has recently decided to shift to transportation and logistics as well, further solidifying its grounds in the e-commerce industry by finally being self-reliant when it comes to logistics.

Amazon also boasts large warehousing spaces all around the globe and takes pride in shipping and fulfilling orders on time in the shortest time possible, and that too at surprisingly affordable rates. With the new Amazon Transportation Services, the multi-billion dollar enterprise has decided to take the first-mile pick-up and the last mile delivery into their own hands and grow further as a company.

Coverage Area

Amazon is present around the world. It has millions of square feet of warehousing space across the globe, which have been until now simply responsible for storing their e-commerce products. With the introduction of Amazon Transportation Services, they can now use their worldwide reach and presence to fulfil logistics and courier based orders as well. It has a global presence otherwise with its major hubs in China, India, Japan, Singapore, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Mexico, United States, Australia, and Brazil. The reach of the enterprise is ever expanding as they keep looking to expand their horizons and conquer new lands.

Amazon Transportation Services Pricing

Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate of the prices charged by ATS for their shipments. Our team is currently working on getting the prices. We’ll update the prices here as soon as we can find them. Kindly wait and keep checking back here for more information.

Our Courier tracking tool isn’t just limited to tracking your shipment but it also has information about the company, coverage area, customer support details and we’re currently working on the pricing. Do let us know if you need help with anything else, you can get in touch with us on our contact page or social media handles.


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