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Air21 is a Philipines based Logistics and Supply Chain corporation incorporated in 1979. It was initially called Airfreight 2100 and was responsible for various assignments such as the delivery of parcels, cargo and freight forwarding. Over the ages, they have come a long way in the game and have secured their position in the Philipines. The following guide is meant to help you track your courier which you had shipped via their company. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Track

Tracking your Air21 shipment is quite simple. You can do that by one of two means, using the Air Waybill Number, or the reference Number, a testament to their long-standing partnership with Federal Express. Both of these numbers can be found on your Waybill. A Waybill itself is a legal statement that puts their company under the responsibility of the shipment until it reaches the destination. Apart from being used for a wide variety of legal reasons, it also doubles up as a receipt of sales. Furthermore, nobody would like to be held responsible for something that they’re not handling in the first place. That clears the concept of a Waybill.

Follow the steps below to track your courier:

Air Waybill Number

The Air Waybill Number is the number given to you on your Air Waybill. The Air Waybill is a modification of the Waybill to allow travel via air. The steps to track are:

  1. Find your Air Waybill Number on your Air Waybill.
  2. Select Air Waybill Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Air Waybill Number in the text field.
  4. Click on track.

That’s it. You can now track your courier through all the hubs of their company.

Reference Number

The Reference Number is the number given to you in case they cannot complete your requested assignment themselves and must rely on another partner brand to complete the service for you. Their current list of partners includes The Lina group of companies and FedEx. This is how to track.

  1. Find your Reference Number on your Air Waybill.
  2. Select Reference Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Reference Number in the text field.
  4. Click on track.

That’s it! You can now track the shipment which you’ve shipped regardless of who is carrying it, Air21 or FedEx.

Customer Support and Helpline

Delivering couriers is no easy task. You need a lot of patience, discipline, and punctuality to pull it off. Any small error can severely cost the company. A massive error, on the other hand, can be catastrophic.

If things don’t go according to plan, your courier might end up in all sorts of trouble. It may be delivered to the wrong address, or even lost. In worse cases yet, your courier might simply be damaged during transit or stolen and pilfered. Despite, the best care given to it, it still remains a very probable occurrence.

However, if all goes well, you will get your courier delivered to the correct destination on time and safe and sound. In the best case, it can even get delivered before time. Hence, if you would like to commend Air21 for their service, lodge a complaint, provide some feedback, or simply open up new business opportunities or inquiries, you can reach out to them via the following means:

  • Write to them on
    AIR21 Merville Warehouse,
    KM 14 West Service Road,
    South Super Highway, Brgy. Merville,
    Parañaque City,1709,
    The Philippines.
  • You can call them on +6302 854-2100.
  • You can reach their customer support on
  • You can check out their franchise opportunities at

We take no responsibility for your shipment. That lies with you and the company. We are simply here to help you track your courier.


Air21 is a Philipines based Supply Chain and Logistics provider corporation. They initially started off in 1979 under the brand franchise of Airfreight 2100. It was quite the cool name for the 1970s.  Their goal was to be the first logistics company in the Philipines with complete coverage across the country, a dream which has now been transcended by their own actions. In 1982, Airfreight 2100 was recognised as the sole licensee of FedEx, or better known as Federal Express back then, for the country of Philipines. This gave them the required infrastructure to start off international shipments.

Owing to their quality of service, the corporation was given the honour of being the global service partner of FedEx in 1997. They have since then played a major social role, promoting cycling in the country of Philipines and also started their own basketball team named the same as the company, the same year that the company changed its name from Airfreight 2100 to what it is known as today. They were recognised as a Superbrand for their quality of service in 2006. Finally, in 2014, they commenced their international operations.

Currently, they provide a wide variety of services. They have also started their Express Delivery solutions aimed at e-commerce companies such as the Door to door delivery schemes. They also have a box for the safe transfer of small and fragile items called the Bulilit. They also provide other services such as overseas shipments, international shipments, freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, LTL and FTL Shipments, and crating services. The company has come quite far with their vision and currently benefits the Philipines with their broad range of services.

The Achievements

Air21 is headquartered in Manila, the capital of Philipines. However, that does not stop them from having an international presence, let alone complete coverage over the Philipines. They were, after all, deemed not only the sole licensee of Federal Express, also the Global partners of the same corporation. And that in and of itself is no joke. The company has complete coverage over all areas of the Philipines including all states. Furthermore, they also provide international shipments by sea to neighbouring countries. Finally, being the global partners of FedEx, they are also well equipped to handle any international shipment anywhere across the world with the aid of their partner company.


Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate of what Air21 charges for their services. Our team is currently working with their management staff to provide you with a more generalised format of prices for your reference. Kindly wait patiently until we get the word from our team. We’ll update the prices right here as soon as we do. Until then, you may feel free to contact them for any business inquiries or specific shipments which you may have in mind.

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